About the Book

Owen Bennett-Jones' gripping thriller ranks with the best. But Target Britain is especially powerful because of Bennett-Jones' first hand, in depth knowledge of both sides of the war on terror. He shows what drives a young Pakistani living in London to feel so angry about the UK that he sets out on a one-man mission of destruction across the whole country. Bennett-Jones reveals a terrifying scenario of how one well-trained, dedicated, lone-wolf terrorist could overcome the elaborate defences of Britain's intelligence and security agencies and bring Britain to its knees.

As a foreign correspondent for over twenty years and a former BBC Islamabad bureau chief, Owen Bennett-Jones has worked all over Pakistan. Target Britain draws not only on his long experience of the country but also his understanding of the British security establishment.

Starting with a drone attack on suspected Islamist militants taking refuge in a desert village in Pakistan, Target Britain follows the story of London minicab driver Jaz Khan. The murder of Jaz's brother, and the mutilation of his body by soldiers gathering his DNA, sets off a fast-paced contest between Jaz and the British state.

Determined to avenge his brother's death, Jaz sets out to cause as much fear and destruction as he can.

By using simple, but devastatingly effective, evasion methods to get around technologies such as CCTV and automatic number plate recognition, Jaz Khan outwits the British security services.

And if they can't stop him, who can?

Just how much damage can one man do?